Assassin! – Attempt 1, Part 6


[This post was up for a few days, and then was accidentally deleted.  I am essentially recapping what I recall from what happened.  I am not re-rolling dice or changing any decisions]

After departing empty-handed from the local civil bureaucracy, I note that street stall selling flash powder (similar to that used against Olvar in Book 1) for five gold pieces a pop.

Since it is, you know, an actual opportunity to spend money in these books, I jump at the chance and add the powder to my inventory.

Heck, it was that or buying a second-hand Betamax from the neighbouring stall.

In the mean-time, a ‘sudden tornado’ starts up in what is an obvious magical distraction.  Vision is obscured, tempers frayed, words exchanged, dust stirred, and when all is said and done I can realise with growing horror that the Scrolls of Kettsuin are missing from my ‘leather jerkin’.

I pursue the thief, a tall blonde gentleman, through the crowd and into a back alley.

He runs into a ‘great stone edifice’ with stone features including serpents, gaping mouths, gargoyles and rose petals.

Alright, I may have made up that last one.

I follow this blonde rogue into a cellar, where, in a development worthy of a thriller, the door is shut and bolted behind me.  My three foes introduce themselves, and unsurprisingly they are the three friends of Olvar, being Tyutchev, Cassandra and Thaum.  Despite the fact that I was defending myself (while Runeweaver did nothing) they have some hare-brained revenge scheme and intend to take me on.

Describing the lunatic Olvar as ‘kind and gentle’ is really just the icing on the cake/

I have the choice of lying and saying I’ve never killed anyone (unlikely) using an item from a given list (none of which I have) or hurling a Shuriken.

My youthful Dungeons and Dragons campaigns have taught me that you ALWAYS take out the wizard first.

I throw a Shuriken at Thaum, wounding him in the arm and ruining whichever nefarious spell he was about to cast.

The book pleasingly informs me that, due to my ‘natural cunning’ I can add one to the attack modifier of my choice.  Kick modifier, here we come!

Notwithstanding this early victory, Cassandra moves to the attack.

Aside : I am please that the book doesn’t come up with any archaic nonsense about Avenger being reluctant to fight a woman, or to hit a woman.  I think that if someone is brandishing a massive sword with the intention of carving out your vital organs, chivalry is not longer a factor.

At any rate, Cassandra looks keen to make her mark with this huge ‘Coldsword’ so I imagine that being wounded will be no picnic.  Actually, anything that isn’t an actual picnic will be no picnic, but I guess this is not the time to debate metaphors.

Given the option, I elect to employ the Dragon’s Tail throw, where I slide along the ground and attempt to take out Cassandra’s legs.

Happily, no dice throw is needed, and I manage to take Cassandra down and incapacitate her with a blow to the side of the head.

Tyutchev leaps to the attack, but his blow luckily misses, as it would have caused 8 endurance damage if it had connected.  Just as Cassandra again rises to her feet, the wall of this cellar caves in, and we all turn to check out this new development.

Hopefully, it will be my long-lost brother here to save me with an Uzi.

But I doubt it.

Status : Endurance 20, Punch Modifier : +1, Kick Modifier : +2, Fate Modifier : +1, Throw Modifier : 0, Inner Force : 5

Awesome names : Nothing for the moment


3 thoughts on “Assassin! – Attempt 1, Part 6

  1. Good point re hitting women, there were more strong independent women in WOTT in the 80’s than in the Disney movies in … well since then.

    Also while I could say they knew about Olvar because they were spying when you claimed Olvar’s headmoney … fact is they know even if you just walk past. I’m afraid that probably has to go down to magic or divine intervention (remember how you found out Yaemon was going to Druath Glennan).

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