Avenger! – Attempt 1, Part 7


Moving down through the mountains, I turn my ninja costume inside out, so that the white colour serves to camouflage my movements against the white snow.  How a single layer of cloth stops me, you know, dying in freezing temperatures is an open question.

Even more improbably, I gain four points of Endurance while sleeping in the snow (back up to 13) and, the next morning, I see a warrior holding his own against several bird-men. (Don’t ask me for a description – all I get is ‘bird-men’).

In a nod to science-fiction, I see a ‘bolt of green light’ shoot from the warrior’s sword, killing one of his attackers.  Do I help him?

Aside : Why is it assumed that the ‘warrior’ is the good guy here?  Shouldn’t I have the option of helping the poor bird-men against their oppressor, who apparently wields a laser-firing sword?  I guess not.

I mean, of course, I aid the outnumbered one!

I drive the attackers away, while suffering one minor wound (losing 3 Endurance – down to 10).  The warrior introduces himself as ‘Runeweaver’ (I’m sure that goes down well with the ladies) and he and I have a regular mandate, setting up camp in an abandoned hut against the cold.

I take this opportunity to use my healing herbs, getting my Endurance back up to 18.

Just as Runeweaver and I start to braid each other’s hair, we are rudely interrupted by some barbarian called ‘Olvar the Chaos Bringer’ who demands to take our gold.  I could give him my gold (yeah, right), attack, or throw my ‘flash powder’ into the fire.

Always one for ninja tactics, I throw the powder into the fire, blinding both Olvar and Runeweaver temporarily.  Seizing the moment, I launch a beautiful ‘Winged Horse Kick’ into Olvar, causing 5 Endurance of damage.  Just to be difficult, his headband (!!) shoots a bolt of lightning at me.  He needs a 7 on two dice to hit, and gets a……7.


Apparently I now lose 8 Endurance, taking me back to 10.

I go for the ‘Dragon’s Tail throw’, which effectively means I slide to take his feet out from under him.  I only need a 5 on two dice to succeed, and roll a 6.  I now attempt to kick him (Winged Horse) using Inner Force while I do so.  I hit and damage is….3.  Yikes.  Admittedly +2 (because I threw him) and doubled for Inner force is 10.

Olvar is on 3, I’m on 10.

He catches me a glancing blow – 2 damage.

Olvar 3, I’m 8.

I kick again, and succeed, but damage is only 4.  Its enough though, and his barbarian carcass collapses. I stand, bloodied but unbowed.

Runeweaver, who, let the record show, did absolutely nothing to help, decides he’s going to keep Olvar’s laser-shooting headband.  Nervous of a fight due to my middling Endurance, I let him keep it, pocket Olvar’s gold (5 gold pieces) and travel on to Druath Glennan.

Arriving, I disguise myself first as a fisherman (to get in the gate) and then a beggar. Given the way the economy is going, that probably didn’t require a particularly drastic change in clothing.

Listening in the crowds for the gossip, I hear that the three evil men have moved north to ‘Quench-Heart Keep’ (Awesome name check!) and will be leaving soon.

Getting too complacent for my own good, I stay in the poor-house (or ‘Former Reality Show Contestant Central’) until the darn place catches on fire during the night!

Remembering my school fire drill, I take shelter under the floorboards rather than trying to run through the flame.  Various henchmen gloat (over my head) about my supposed demise, while confirming that my enemies are in Quench-Heart Keep.  After rising from the earth (literally) I move on to confront them at the Keep in the morning.

I arrive, and the place has all the trappings of an evil overlord fortress, what with the iron maidens, corpses, moat monsters and statues of Donald Trump.

I decide to grab the bull by the horns and pretend to be a travelling minstrel to scout the place.  I totally  bluff the guard by talking about my last gig in Druath Glennan (playing for the poor, y’know) and make my way inside.

As I make my way across the courtyard I see….


Status : Endurance 8, Punch Modifier : +1, Kick Modifier +1, Fate Modifier +1, Inner Force 4.

Awesome Names : Quench-Heart Keep, for the win!




4 thoughts on “Avenger! – Attempt 1, Part 7

  1. Thank for reading and commenting Martin. I haven’t decided yet whether to put a ‘save point’ at the end of each book, or I should go back to the start of Book 1 after each death. Open to feedback!


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