Background and skills

All right – let’s get to it!

The eight ninja life skills to choose from are Arrow Cutting, Acrobatics, Immunity to Poison, Feigning Death, Escapology, Poison Needles (Yay!), Picking Locks / Detecting Traps / Disarming Traps (counts as one) and Climbing.

I choose Arrow Cutting, Poison Needles and Immunity to Poison.

I apparently grew up on the Island of Tranquil Dreams, an orphan raised by Naijishi, the grand pooh-bah of this clan of ninjas.  I follow the Way of the Tiger, the path beloved of the worshippers of the god Kwon.  Naturally, my foster-father was murdered by an evil scoundrel.  The murderer was Yaemon, ‘Grandmaster of Flame’ (another great title).  Yaemon apparently worships Vile, Kwon’s ‘twisted brother’.  Of course, I have sworn a blood oath to one day avenge my adopted father’s death.

Oh please, please, please, if only by some weird coincidence, make there be a quest where I had to confront Yaemon!!

The background to my adventure concludes by telling me that apparently the time has now come to ‘prove myself’ to my brother monks.  At this stage, it is an open question as to whether I shall do so through karaoke, rock climbing or monopoly.


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