Avenger! – Attempt 1, Part 2


In a stunning development (and after I have the standard trope of a prophetic dream), a ranger named ‘Glaivas’ rocks up to set my quest into motion.

In summary, Yaemon (remember him?  What are the odds??) has stolen a mystic artefact called the Scrolls of Kettsuin and, if the magic word within is spoken at a certain place at a certain time, my god Kwon will be imprisoned in a ‘bottomless pit of fire’.

I bravely step forward to stop my arch-nemesis, and my Grandmaster ‘renames’ me Avenger (hey! title drop!) and states that ‘if anyone can succeed’ it is me.

Thanks, I think.

I get a map from Glaivas and the adventure proper begins, with me hitching a totally free ride on his groovy ship!

(Did I mention that the book tells me that my Endurance is restored to 20?  My Endurance is restored to 20.)

We enjoy a peaceful voyage until a dastardly pirate ship confronts us!  Glaivas, a fount of optimism, tells me that ‘we’ll never outrun it.’  Thanks, mate.

The pirate ship closes with us and I throw a Shuriken (throwing star) at the first pirate (an Ogre) who comes over the rail.  It causes a flesh wound, but more worryingly, an arrow comes straight at my head!

If only I had the skill of Arrow Cutting!

Oh right, I totally do.

Just to be a total smart-ass about it, I grab the arrow out of mid-air LIKE A BOSS.

On to the fight!

Due to ‘cool name’ points, I choose the ‘Winged Horse kick’ over the ‘Iron Fist punch’.

I kick truly, although the Ogre does strike one blow, which crashes through my block and reduces me to 14 Endurance.

Just to add insult to injury, the dead Ogre decides to fall into the ocean, taking my throwing star with him.

Anyway, on to the pirate captain!

I leap onto their ship, confirm my lucky Fate by dice roll and make my way to the Captain.

I am pleased to note the ‘Teeth of the Tiger throw’ is one of my options.  This manoeuvre literally involves jumping in the air, grabbing your opponents neck between your feet, and twisting them to the ground.  As if I could choose anything else!

Presumably while humming the ‘Jaws’ theme, I throw the pirate over the edge of the ship into the sea.  In a beautiful touch, the book confirms that his head is caved in by the deck on the way down.  In a more worrying touch, my ship only picks me up after I swim up to an oar (!) and grab onto it.

In the next post, I will presumably reach the mainland, and start ninjaing my way after Yaemon.




4 thoughts on “Avenger! – Attempt 1, Part 2

  1. There was nothing to worry about the ship leaving you behind. While you swam frantically after your ride all the sharks would be involved in eating the remains of the Captain and the Ogre. You’d only have to worry if the Ogre had smashed through your block to cause injury and bleeding …oh..


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